CBOC June Newsletter

The June CBOC Newsletter can be seen here


The SABO AGM will take place in Regina this year in conjunction with HOOPLA.
When: 10:00PM Friday March 24, 2017
Where: Quality Inn. Room: TBA
Elections: Vice President, Referee-in-chief, and Secretary
If anyone is interested in running for any of these positions please contact David Hersche at secretary@sabo.sk.ca

President's message

Our president Neil Donnelly has prepared a message for the 2016/2017 season. Please read it here

CABO Exam 2016

The 2016 CABO Exam is now available. You have from December 1st until December 15th to write it. You should have received an e-mail with instructions on where and how to write the exam. If you have not received such an email please contact caboexams@gmail.com or Dave Werry at dwerry@basketballsask.com

Please review last years exam
2015 Exam
2015 Exam Answer Key

New Signal for Faking a Foul

FIBA has released a new signal for faking a foul and updated interpretations for shot clock situations near the end of a period.

See the document here

2016 National and HOOPLA Appointments

Congratulations to all the officials that have been selected to work at a National Tournament and HOOPLA. The complete list can be found in the Appointments section here

Canadian Basketball Officials’ Commission

CABO in association with Canada Basketball, CIS, and CCAA have announced a new commission to help with the development of officials and also look after assigning officials to the National Championships, CIS, CCAA and the summer CB Nationals. For more information see here

Super Clinic 2015 Documents

For those that missed the Super Clinic this year or were wanting a copy of the presentations used by our speakers see our Education page here

Super Clinic 2015

SABO will be hosting a Super Clinic this year on October 10th 2015 in Regina in conjunction with the U of R Women's preseason basketball tournament. Keynote speakers this year include Michael Weiland, Michael Thomson, Bill Crowley, Warren Poncsak, and Dave Werry. Thanks to funding from BSI, SABO, RABO, SBOA and RCBA this clinic is free of charge. For more information go here

2014 FIBA Interpretations and Rule changes

FIBA has adopted some rule changes for the start of the 2014 season. It is unclear at this time which leagues SABO services will adopt these changes. At this time the ACAC will implement the new rules. Stay tunes for updates on other leagues in Saskatchewan.

There is a ls a link below to a document presented at the FIBA world championship about 3 person mechanics. In regards to Mechanics slides 31-34 are very important. There are no “curtains” anymore in regards to coverage. As high level officials you must be comfortable in moving from Primary coverage to Secondary coverage and when to do so. The crew must get the call right but we still do not want to see 3 whistles on a foul call if possible (slide 33). This is a critical talking point for your pre-game.

2014 FIBA Rule Changes
2014 FIBA Rule Book
2014 FIBA Rule Interpretations (Revised 2015)
CABO Presentation 2014 FIBA Rule Changes
2014 Three Person Mechanics Presentation

SABO Uniform & CABO Jacket Available

At the Canadian Association of Basketball Officials (CABO) AGM in the fall it was decided that the FIBA style shirt is the recommended shirt for all games in Canada. CABO asked the provinces to change to the new shirt by next year. The SABO executive has agreed and the new shirts are available for sale.

The order form below has a picture of the shirt. When you are ordering, they do fit big so please take this into account. Sizes available currently include small to XL so far and if you need a bigger size now please contact Dave Werry and he will see if I can get them in.

SABO Uniform order form
CABO Jacket Order Form