2018 Clinics

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Super Clinic 2017 Documents

Cam Moskal - Summary of Rule Changes
Dave Werry - Points of Emphasis

Clips of the new rules can be found here

CABO Exam 2016

Please review last years exam

2015 Exam
2015 Exam Answer Key

CABO Exam 2015

The Canadian Association of Basketball Officials (CABO) will once again be having the yearly FIBA online exam. Exam dates are a shorter time frame this year due to the fact that a very high percentage of members were writing the exam on the last few days. The SABO executive has heard the message that the exam has not met the expectations of the membership and asked for changes at the CABO AGM. The National Council agreed to the following changes:

  1. The exam will be officially open book
  2. The exam will be a simpler in how the questions are to be presented (No tricky questions)
  3. There will be no questions regarding the new 14 second shot clock reset or the No Charge semi-circle rule as those rules are not in effect at the high school level or below other than the summer Canada Basketball National Championships
  4. There are to be more questions that are geared towards the Level 1 and 2 officials as that is the major bulk of the CABO membership

The exam dates are December 1 to 15. The exam is 50 questions that have a Yes or No answer to each question. You will receive an email from the CABO exam database on how to go online to write the exam.

Please set aside 75 minutes to write the exam.You cannot stop writing and then go back after 75 minutes to continue. Once you start you must write within that time.

Please set aside time to write the exam. This is an important part of the educational process in your officiating development.

You must write the exam to be involved in the following events:

  1. Hoopla March 2016 Moose Jaw
  2. CIS and CCAA Championships March 2016
  3. U17 and U15 Canadian National Championships July 25 to 30 in Regina

If you have any questions please contact Dave Werry at dwerry@basketballsask.com. Also see the new version of the FIBA Interpretations here

Super Clinic 2015 Documents

Michael Weiland - Failure, Self-Awareness and Finally Learning Lessons
Michael Thomson - Good, Better or Best
Michael Thomson - Post Game Feedback
Matt Kallio - Pre-game List
Bill Crowley - Arrogance/Humility
Warren Poncsak - Manage the Game

CABO Exam 2014

The 2014 CABO Exam is available to write on line until December 15th If you have not received an e-mail with your username and password to log in to the exam please contact Dave Werry.

2014 ABOA Refresher Exam
2014 ABOA Refresher Exam with Key
2013/14 CABO Exam
2013/14 CABO Exam Answer Key
2012/13 CABO Exam
2012/13 CABO Exam Answer Key